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  1. Spirit Portrait & Messages, family & friends for those who would like to make a connection with loved ones in spirit (30 or 60 mins)

  2. Spirit Portrait & Advice, spirit guides  for those who would like guidance along their life path (30 or 60 mins)

  3. Mandala, manifest your goal using Art (60 mins) Various bases available on request. 

  4. Spiritual advice, help and/or tutoring (As necessary) June-Elleni will draw on her own guidance and experience.

  5. Traverse Your Time-Line Initiation; help your child self and build a relationship with your future self. Approx 3 to 6  (60 mins) sessions may be required and allow at least 2 weeks interval between sessions for self exploration.

  6. Consult an older wiser version of yourself. Are you at a cross-road and need to choose how to go forward? Receive relevant advice from your future. (60 mins) It will often be what you need, but not necessarily what you think you want!


60 mins consultation UK £90 Europe £95 Worldwide £100

30 mins consultation UK £70 Europe £75 Worldwide £80


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Drawing the unseen and Connection to a choice of Loved-Ones or Spiritual Guides

Each reading is unique and an exciting experiment in its own right. In a reading I usually interpret information about the deceased and draw a pastel portrait of them at the age they prefer to remember themselves when they were alive.

Connecting with loved ones in spirit can help clients to soothe grief and satisfy a need for closure.

Spirit guides however, help clients along their own life journey, often advising on current issues.

You can see examples of portraits in the Spirit Portrait Gallery that have been validated with photographs after the session.






Manifest Specific Goals. Perfect your intentions and make a Mandala


Each session offers tailored advice on deciding what you need and making an appropriate Artwork to attract that goal. You will set your intentions and co - create the Mandala that is most suitable for you at this time. The power of Mandalas is renowned throughout history and more recently it has emerged as a modern tool for manifestation. Art 'speaks' to the soul and reminds us how to attract what we need at a root level. it's not just about creating a pretty drawing, it's about drawing out the future of your life.





Past Present Future Connection Discover how you can become more powerful in your life, by teaching your future self how to communicate with you!

This session  can uncover past events that have set up subconscious patterns, which are likely to sabotage your progress. Once discovered you are guided back through time to heal them and support your younger self through any trauma. Once established you can ask your future-self for help with current issues that will enable you to create more confidence in your life today. Ideal if you are at a cross-roads and need to decide which way to turn. These sessions are illuminating, life enhancing and self  empowering.



Disclaimer and common sense :)
During your appointment the drawings, information, advice or guidance you receive is intended to be informative and helpful; it should be accepted only if you feel it is right for you. You remain responsible for any actions you take, based on the information received during your reading. To make the most of this experience please view any portraits with the intention to recognise similarity with the soul that connects. It is possible to receive a recognisable portrait, however there are many factors involved, including the souls memory of themselves during their life. Remember that a likeness is subjective and cannot be guaranteed.