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"If you feel that your creativity is blocked, work with me  to awaken your innate intution to boost your creativity  & well-being. 

"What usually happens in the educational process is that the faculties are dulled, overloaded, stuffed and paralyzed so that by the time most people are mature they have lost their innate capabilities."

- R. Buckminster Fuller

Developing the 'inner tutor' we can increase performance, enhance ability to create order from chaos, literally rewiring thinking styles to achieve cooperation between logic and intuition.




If you browse the shop,  you'll find a collection Mandalas designed, on coasters and postcards as well as my books and CD.

Also a more recent collection of Spirit Inspired Totem Animals printed on canvas,

You will also find a free video that can help you to cleanse your Aura and Close your Sensitive Chakras when you need to re-charge and step back from energy that is bothering you.


We offer cutting-edge training courses that literally rewire thinking styles to achieve heightened cooperation between logic and intuition. At this time in our evolution we need a perfect balance of practicality and spirituality to unleash our true potential and move into excellence. Current business mentally is so ‘tuned out’ of the world of energy, empathy and resonance that new ‘norms of behaviour’ are competitive rather than cooperative and destructive rather than supportive – and often that's within the same company. It’s no wonder the rate of mental illness is on the increase and business as well as society is suffering.



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June-Elleni Laine




           Expanding Consciousness with Ancient Mysticism            


Welcome to my World where I live creatively, intuitively and practically from a spiritual perspective -  I believe balancing Spirituality with Common Sense and Intellect may be a very thin line, which is often curved, but it is possible to walk the line when we keep our focus clear.


As one of a few professional spirit art teachers/ spirit-inspired artist alive today, I believe the Arts are a greatly underestimated power tool. When we consider for over the last 40,000 years or more, we have told stories, sung songs, danced, painted, invented, written and composed music. It appears the creative process has remained a significant part of our lives over a very long period of time and offers us valuable inspiration that somehow connects us to 'uncharted' areas of our mind and the universe we live in. With a little 'inner-standing' and In-tuition we can consciously become prolific creators of our reality and affect the very fabric of our World.


I offer you objective evidence as well as my personal ideas and revelations that point towards subtle doorways, which access information and wisdom that sits on the edge of consciousness. I feel we are capable of even more when we learn how to focus and 'listen' using our extra sensory perception. This is a natural part of conscious evolution, and what we are waking up to as we evolve past self-perpetuated slave mentality and wake up to the deception that we have unconsciously agreed to project for too many years.


If you don't know why you landed here, remember that through our energy frequency we attract who and what we 'need', so I believe you are here on purpose, whether you know it yet or not. :) Now you're here, please intend to use your intuition to interpret what you see. read and sense. When we can see what’s right in front of us, and our interpretation of it becomes fluent, our life changes for the better - we feel AWAKE and UPLIFTED like the potential Gods & Goddesses we are. Our perspective changes and we feel the divine energy of the creator flowing through us. We no longer need to personify God(dess) as a being outside of us. We remember what we are.


If my particular brand of  Spiritual Intelligence interests you and you'd like to explore more why not attend a workshop, course, retreat or come to see a demonstration or lecture where you can discover more. I also offer private consultations.


You can also listen to a podcast where I have a conversation with the amazing Danielle Lin talking about my work. Danielle has interviewed hundreds and thousands of pioneers over the last thirty years and has a way of interviewing that brings out the best in people. Finally, if you are curious, in the last segment of this conversation you can experience a taster of my TYT time travel for yourself, to listen click HERE


- June-Elleni Laine