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Spirit Inspired Art

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Signed Prints

Printed on slim canvas blocks ready to hang or frame as you desire


I started to sense Spirit Animals at the end of 2015. They came unannounced, and gave me the inspiration that they have come to guide and assist us through our next phase of life on this planet. The Mammoth-Elephant is first, his energy is huge as he stepped forwards out of the veil with an important message to those of us who are attracted to him,


I have drawn 15 animals to date and will add them to the site over the next few weeks; I also feel that more will come now I've opened the door.


While I'm drawing, I also receive information about their qualities and inspiration they offer us. It takes between 15 minutes to an hour to draw them and sometimes I feel the need to work on them again later when necessary. The quicker they arrive the more spiritual energy I feel goes into the drawing, and I never know which one will arrive until it shows up, This is the joy of drawing when inspired by the unseen.


The most important overall message is that we FEEL the connection. CONNECTION is all that we need to keep us spiritually strong, so that no matter what happens in the world 'out there' we remain centred and able to choose love over fear because of our connection within..


If you feel attracted to buy a print you will receive a signed certificate of authenticity containing the information I interpreted from the particular animal. The wording on the gallery is the most important parts of what I received.. Click on the pictures to read it.


Mammoth Elephant

Mammoth Elephant

Signed Prints

Printed on slim canvas blocks ready to hang or frame as you desire

20x 30cms (8"x12") prints -  £79.00 plus postage

Please note the images shown in the gallery are mocked up on larger canvas for display puposes.

Larger sizes are available by Request


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Mandala Coasters - Set of 6
£20 + postage
Gloss surface, cork back coasters. Infuse the energy into your drink as you place it on the coasters before drinking it.

Each one has a powerful intention, Love, Light, Joy, Healing, Peace, Enlighten.
Mandala Postcards - Set of 13
£10 + postage
Standard size postcards, picture face, instructions on back.
Click on individual cards for full description of the energy that they provide by simply displaying them.
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