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Listen to a podcast where I have a conversation with Danielle Lin about my work and in the last segment, you can experience a taster of the time travel for yourself. HERE


About Me


At the end of 2015 inspiration lead me to draw a collection of totem animals you can see here.. I presented this Unicorn-Zebra Totem to The College Of Psychic Studies on 23/1/2016 at an event to celebrate spirit art. It now proudly hangs in reception at The College in London.

Message - Horse-based totems inspire freedom and empowerment. The horn on this totem represents the activated third eye delving into the realms of shamanism and personal power. The Unicorn embodies all that is good and pure within humanity. The Zebra combines yin-yang (male/f­­emale) within its black and white stripes, and in this representation it also includes a medley of colours to inspire strength by uniting colours and creeds together. Traditionally the Unicorn is shown in heraldry as being chained with the Lion Sovereign overruling it, but within this image the Unicorn claims its right to run free. Zebras can run as a herd changing direction in zigzag patterns, which causes an optical illusion of stripes that disorientates the Lion hunter. This Totem therefore, represents survival and freedom of all that is good and pure within humanity, endowed to stand in its own Sovereignty. As you view the image open purposefully to receive its empowerment within your being. Thank you  - June-Elleni Laine,

Born in the north of England but made my home in London over 35 years ago. Although I travel extensively, its always good to come home.


After attaining an Associates Degree in Fashion, I started working in the heart of London's 'ragtrade'. I was head-hunted after designing a successful range and went on to create a new business. In less than 3 years, I'd created a multi-million pound clothing business. We supplied most of the high street stores with tasteful fashion dresses and coordinates. I'd made it big in a dog eat dog industry, which was a dream come true..


In 1990 I had a spiritual emergency, which forced me to follow a calling to develop at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, and also to study Ayurvedic Medicine. I attended The College Of Ayurveda. in London and also learned from Dr David Frawley in New Mexico.. After completing my training and with a keen interest in science and spirituality I had totally changed my life by 2000. I became a professional Spirit Inspired Artist developing the unusual gift of drawing recognisable portraits of deceased loved ones and interpreting their messages. This allowed me the fantastic opportunity to travel the world sharing spiritual messages and advising on well-being. I used my designer and health educator know how, blending practicality and science with creativity and spirituality, in mix that enhanced my life and helps others to do the same.


Currently I offer lectures training workshops and retreats in my fields of expertise. I also facilitate and teach a powerful new spirit inspired training that I've been developing since 2012. An elevated spirit teacher guided me to interpret and decipher the blueprint for Traversing Your Time-Line © TYT aimed at helping us to become personally empowered and become our own Guru. On this amazing journey students gain intuitive communication, self-empowerment and the benefit of being guided and supported by an older wiser version of themselves. The more I work with spirit, the clearer it becomes that spiritual development goes hand in hand with personal development and enhances performance both in business and socially.


If you'd like to attend one of my events see here for my schedule, or If you would like to invite me to travel to you for talks, consultations or workshops, please get in touch here


My books are available through Amazon; both teach how to use art and extra sensory perception to enhance living. Click the links below to go to Amazon where you can  read reviews and buy books.






























Spirit Level Publications was born in December 2015. Together with my highly creative daughter Lucianne Soley, we focus on designing and publishing good quality heartfelt books that attempt to bring spirituality into the main stream. Our first offering is a filmic-style memoir, written with a Survivor of the 7/7 London Bombings Garri Holness, portraying his ordeal and amazing 'Spiritual Wake Up Call' after losing his leg in the terrorist attack. 'Surviving 7/7 London Bombings & Beyond' was launched 21/12/15. Click here if you'd like to find out more or buy the book.











Taking part in documentaries and interviews for the Media over the years has been interesting

If you are interested in automatic writing, see what's possible after just a couple of hours instruction, as Tony Robinson discovered and what was even more interesting see what was further uncovered in 2015 about the writing we did together in 2009. It reminds me of the importance of looking deeper at what's in front of you!



















If you are interested in why people are moving away from the church or religion and towards so-called 'psychics'. In other words people who use their subtle sixth sense. I see this as a move towards self-empowerment and think the interview below sheds some light on why people look for answers beyond what religion can offer. Since this interview, we have seen more and more exposures of those in the church who have exploited the innocent victims that looked to them for help.. The age of the Guru is over, all that is required is to know what you are, that's all!

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The Art Of Being Psychic book
Mandala The Art Of Creating Future book
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An interview with Danielle Lin Here




 finally you can  find some topical questions, which I attempt to answer  here on Quora.