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2020-2021 currently looking for  suitable venues 

suggestions welcomed



"If you know how to frame your dreams the universe will conspire to help you"

-June-Elleni Laine

Imagine being able to tap into unseen energy and information that sit on the very edge of consciousness and benefit from it 

in your life. 




























Who is it for and Where is the venue?

This retreat is for those who feel the urge to discover more. We are looking for venues, please get in touch if you have any suggestions


Who is the tutor and what does she do?

June-Elleni Laine is an international spirit-inspired influencer, published author, spirit artist and health- educator. She has helped many people worldwide stand in their power and live a life they are proud to create. Join her on this self-empowering retreat that focuses on you and your needs.

June-Elleni has worked with Spirit-inspired wisdom and well-being for over 25 years. She studied and qualified at The Spiritual Association Of Great Britain and The College Of Ayurveda in London and New Mexico. She teaches @ The College Of Psychic studies in London as well as various reputable organisations worldwide. She has also featured in the media nationally and internationally.


What will we learn? 

To develop your intuition, increase your well-being and learn to know yourself.

Draw in the essence of wisdom, love, abundance and perfect health

Discover non-verbal universal language and learn to pay attention to all 6 sense.

Advance personal and spiritual development using TYT (traversing your timeline) and find love for yourself

Read  energy of people and interpret key information about their feelings, emotions, personality and life issues - you may also experiment with spirit-inspired portraits

Discover for yourself that your consciousness is not limited to your body

Find answers to some of your most pressing questions

Set intentions and achieve goals using Mandalas that change your vibration and ability to attract ongoing goals          


What will it cost?



What is the Schedule?

Normally a week that consists of 3-hour workshops interspersed with fun