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During my spiritual quest, I managed to develop the unusual gift of being able to draw recognisable portraits of loved ones in spirit without seeing photographs of them and also interpret their messages.


I drew the spirit portraits below, during consultations with clients who wanted to reconnect with their deceased loved ones. The aim was to achieve evidence of their presence through drawing a recognisable portrait and sharing specific memories, personality traits and loving messages. This connection offers comfort and closure to grieving clients. The photographs next to the drawings were given to me after the consultation by clients kind enough to share their precious photographs to validate the likeness and open the door for others to see what's possible.

Spirit Inspired Portraits


Whilst I get a lot of validating photographs of  portraits of loved ones, I don't often receive validating photographs of Spirit Guides, but occasionally I do and its a lovely surprise. The guidance they bring is their validation, in that it is significant, helpful and sometimes life-changing to the client. It has also been reported to me on numerous occasions that the pictures allow for a more tangible connection with The Spirit Guide after the consultation.


Although some clients are nervous thinking that it may be frightening to connect with those who have died, I assure you that clients are relieved by how 'normal' the connection is. Nothing spooky or dramatic to see here, that's just not my style.


Recently a client made me laugh by telling me about a conversation she had on the phone with a friend the day before her appointment with me.


The friend asked, "Shall we meet for coffee tomorrow?"

She replied "I can't tomorrow as I am going to see June-Elleni to talk with my Mother."

The friend then replied without missing a beat "Oh okay, I'm going to see her today to talk with my Father!"

Neither woman had mentioned they knew me before that day and yet the conversation was  perfectly natural to them!